Bloomfield, Rosenberg & Hunt is the smart solution in today’s hurried lifestyle where people are juggling demanding jobs, children’s schedules, aging parents and a host of community and professional responsibilities. Keeping up with bills, budgeting and banking add more to an already overflowing plate.

Who Uses Bloomfield, Rosenberg & Hunt Services?

Life is already full of stress. If you are getting so many bills that you just do not have time to deal with them all, we can help you manage the details.

Is your credit score suffering due to late payments?

Two simple facts: 1.) Your credit score is increasingly important in life, and 2.) missing bill payments has a substantial negative impact on your credit score. Bloomfield, Rosenberg & Hunt Services can help you avoid missing payments, thereby improving your credit score over time.

Are you traveling for an extended period or on frequent shorter trips?

It can be tricky to deal with bills when you're not at home most of the time. It can be even trickier when you do not have easy and secure access to your accounts. Bloomfield, Rosenberg & Hunt Services can help you keep track of your bills and accounts, and make sure everything is paid on time.

Have you wasted money on late-payment and/or bounced-check fees from your bank or credit card provider?

When you are already having trouble keeping your accounts organized, the extra fees you pay for a late-payment on a bill or a bounced-check can be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. Let Bloomfield, Rosenberg & Hunt Services save your hard-earned money by helping you avoid wasting money on extra fees.

Do you have trouble keeping your checkbook balanced or your tax documents organized?

With everything there is to do each day, it can be easy to let tasks that do not seem urgent slip behind. Then early April rolls around, or you find a discrepancy in your checking account, and suddenly you realize you have a problem. We can help you get your financial affairs in order and avoid those issues down the road.

Have you or a loved one had age- or disability-related challenges related to bill paying?

Most people have issues when it comes to paying bills on time. When those issues are compounded by additional challenges, a helping hand can be a big help. Bloomfield, Rosenberg & Hunt Services can provide precisely the financial assistance you want.

Do you just want freedom from the hassles of bill paying every month?

No one likes paying bills. If you have better ways to spend your time, let Bloomfield, Rosenberg & Hunt Services pick up the slack. It is simple and quick.