Services include:

  • Execute all basic bill-paying activities
  • Monitor credit card activity to insure accuracy and avoid fraud
  • Provide comprehensive monthly spending reports
  • Maintain a personal balance sheet
  • Run personal finances for aging parents
  • Manage payroll details for household employees
  • Track donation history and coordinate your approval for new donations
  • Monitor children’s educational expense requirements
  • Organize records to streamline tax preparation
  • Maintain all financial files in paperless format
  • Interact with CPA, bankers and other financial advisors on your behalf

Our clients are dynamic individuals. If they fit any consistent profile, this is it:

They’re constantly in motion. Many of them travel a lot. Have multiple homes. Multiple businesses. Philanthropic causes. Hectic family lives. They have the most complexity in their lives and the least time.

We absorb these busy people’s particular needs and preferences. Then we tailor our service to accommodate them. Whatever provides the maximum amount of freedom and peace of mind, that’s the way we make things operate.

These are the benefits of life with BRH.

Not less, more.
Your personal finances may be a nuisance to you, but our dedicated specialists love to manage them. And they’re extremely good at it. No detail escapes their attention.

No detail is too small.
With Maxwell, you know every bill is taken care of on time, every penny is accounted for. Any time you need a detailed report, we generate it for you on demand. Some people think they’re giving up control when they retain us. They soon discover the opposite is true.

Spend it elsewhere.
Unless you’re one of those rare individuals who relish balancing the checkbook and tracking the gas bill on the Tahoe investment property, Maxwell frees up a surplus of energy for you to pursue more rewarding endeavors. Go for it.

Enjoy more of it.
Time is valuable. Our service lets you spend more of it doing things you love. This is never more true than at tax time, when our meticulous record keeping makes for a clean, hassle-free hand-off to your tax preparer. Prepare to forget why tax season used to be stressful.

Iron-clad, bullet-proof, etc.
This is on everyone’s mind in the digital age. We use a foolproof system of checks and balances to guard the security of your personal data and accounts. In 30 years, we’ve never had a breach.

Count on it.
Our personal finance specialists are exceptionally dedicated. But even they get sick or take vacation from time to time. When they do, our standardized systems and best practices allow another team member to step in and manage your accounts seamlessly.